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"I surmise that YT got me into huge bicycles and feeling pumped once more. After I marked with them I began the Fest freeride arrangement alongside a gathering of riders. The thought originated from a great deal of riders who simply needed to ride debilitated stuff, we would not like to travel to some city and ride a crude set-up amidst town, that is not freeride. It's cool, however it's a road, wooden slopes, no line decisions… it's soil bounce not freeride, so we chose to begin our own thing. 

"In the Fest arrangement you ride the gnarliest courses and hit the greatest bounces while being the most chilled you can be. You simply get your companions, have a great time, film it and put out the alter so individuals can perceive what we're doing – it's rad. It isn't a challenge, it's super chilled. Anybody can judge, yet the outcomes don't make a difference; judged wear is dependably the same, there resembles 30 fellows there and 29 who will whine! I don't believe it's constantly simple to judge, from my perspective it looks bad to transform somebody riding a bicycle down a mountain into a number. At the Fest there's no prize cash, no platform or trophy, it's more similar to a chilled BBQ thing – like, a wiped out trap and a high five, 'Man that was debilitated – great job'.

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