2018-03-06 10:58:12 ( 268 views )

“Ride for life - live to ride”

Quicker, greater, higher: descriptive words, that depict Andreu's riding best. Perhaps the most wiped out mountain biker on the planet; unquestionably the one with the greatest balls. There's near nothing you can do on two wheels that the Catalan does not have taken care of. Furthermore, in particular there's (nearly) no trick he doesn't feel great doing – be that on MTB, BMX or motocross. 

Doing that he stowed everything that include for something his game: Crankworx triumphs in Whistler, at the Vienna Air Lord, gold award at the Red Bull Berg Line Occasion in Winterberg and significantly more. In 2014 he even laid his hands on the hotly anticipated crown of Frenzy, where his hair-raising first keep running in the finals set the score so high with 95.25 focuses, that no other rider could trump that.

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