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How I began ?

He started riding MTB at 10 years old and is acclaimed for being the third individual ever to arrive a Twofold Reverse somersault in a challenge. Andreu used to race Downhill and in addition BMX and showed up on the Freeride circuit without precedent for 2006. Andreu is prestigious as a standout amongst the most dynamic riders on the planet having blew some people's minds at the 26TRIX out of 2007, where he pulled off a Twofold Reverse somersault. From his highlights in the New World Issue 8 motion picture; enormous 360's,Superman Reverse somersaults, and flipwhips are no issue for him. Andreu appreciates enormous broadcast appointment, which he unmistakably demonstrated toward the start of this current year, in Graz (Austria), where he handled a reverse somersault on a colossal Snow Huge Air Slope. He is additionally known for his wild identity and foolhardy riding style. His sibling Luis is additionally a master MTB-rider.

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