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Andreu Lacondeguy takes everything "Downunder"

A magnificent alter chronicling Andreu Lacondeguy's outing to New Zealand to ride Ranch Stick 2013. 

Andreu Lacondeguy invested some energy in New Zealand at the back-end of February where he went to the Homestead Stick challenge out of the blue. 

The welcome to come and go to Ranch Stick from occasion support UNIT was sweetened by the open door for Andreu to burn through 10 days in and around the challenge riding mountain bicycles, FMX motorbikes and BMX around the beautiful mountains encompassing the town of Queenstown in southern New Zealand. 

Remaining in Queenstown was an eye-opener for Andreu. The residential area had a great deal to offer outrageous bicycle sports. There were the quick trails of Horizon Bicycle Stop, the huge downhill bounces in the Wynyard region and additionally access to a portion of the best-molded earth hops on the planet on the Homestead Stick course. The majority of this inside a simple drive of the town.

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